Site Description

Oh hi! Welcome to Megane Musings. 👓

Here you can find the meditations of an anime lover, Japanese learner, gamer and programmer who has an internet connection and just a little bit too much time to think.

One of my goals for 2016 was to start a blog, and to at least have the domain up and running by December 31st.

It’s currently December 30th, when I made this. Hey, I’m a day ahead of schedule!

So here we are.

I write primarily about Anime, Manga and otaku culture and analyze concepts I have learned from them. To clarify: I will not be writing Anime Reviews (though you might find my opinions on some Anime just sort of creeping their way into my analyses.)

I’ll also be writing about my journey learning Japanese and random Japanese ideas or vocabulary I learn, as well as about my progress in programming, Artificial Intelligence study and research. This is the first time I’ve ever committed to keeping up a blog so wish me luck!

Until then, fare thee well!



Header image credits go here. Edited by me. On GIMP. Yes, GIMP. Vintage paper pattern is from Brusheezy. Pretty much all my resources are from there. So there you go.