About Me

Oh dear.

You found this page.

So, you want to know more about me, huh? Perhaps you have a better way to spend your time? No? Fine.

Well, I like anime. You can see what Anime I like on my MyAnimeList profile. Feel free to ping me. I’d love to chat.

Besides that, I play video games (my PS3 is broken at the moment though. Yes, I still have a PS3. Don’t judge), write fanfiction and generally do other geeky things. I listen primarily to Vocaloid music. YouTube videos and podcasts on productivity are my guilty pleasure.

I am in my final year of pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I love all things computers and tech and so you might land up finding random computer-y geeky ways of looking at anime on here.

Oh, and I am learning Japanese as a hobby. In case you’re interested, I’m certified in the JLPT at the N1 level.

One more thing: my name is Srija. (pronounced ‘sree-ja‘. I’ll figure out how to transcribe this later.) Perhaps I should have mentioned that first? Eh, whatever.